1.  Refund  &  Cancellation Policy

We have not charge any fee for application for franchise. Any Individuals, Firms Societies, Companies & NGOs can apply our

                  franchise for study center. Before or after the application you can talk on provided phone nos for any query about

E-Max Computer Education working and services.

    2.  Cancellation:

 if you not agree with E-Max Computer Education that you can write a email to data@emaxindia.in for cancellation of your application.

                                                                                             3. Distance between Center 

The Distance form One Institute to another  will be 3 Kilometer inside the Village & 1 Kilometer in the Urban area. Confirm that there are no  Other Study Center in your area before sending the registration form. If found, the 2nd Center franchise will be cancelled & No more amount will be refunded. If a Center wants to expand is Distance, It can call the given Number and get all Information. 

     4. Refund:

  Once you made payment for franchise activation, student training fee, Sarva Fee its not refundable in any case. Payment made for student registration

fee also not refundable.