Best Study Center of the Month | Top List of this month

Best Study Center of the Month | Top List of this month

Best Study Center of the Month | Live Base Ranking Top List of Month

Top 20 Institute in India Live Ranking Best Rank Base this Ranking base on 3600+ Study Center (City).

Latest Rankings Live of Best 20 Computer & IT NTT Yoga PTT Institutes in India. Month  Top List  Best Computer NTT PTT Yoga Institute Base on Live Ranking.

Best Study Center of the Week

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This month's Top 20
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Center Name
Branch Code
1 st SUND**********e EMAX/EK71146) EMAX*****46
2 nd E-MA*******e EMAX/EK36126) EMAX*****26
3 rd J.M.********e EMAX/EK70717) EMAX*****17
4 th SHRI**************e EMAX/EK14657) EMAX*****57
5 th COMP***********e EMAX/EK90887) EMAX*****87
6 th THE ***********e EMAX/EK80689) EMAX*****89
7 th GURU********e EMAX/EK80489) EMAX*****89
8 th J D **********e EMAX/EK60531) EMAX*****31
9 th INFO*********: EMAX/EK13126) EMAX*****26
10 th M/S *******e EMAX/EK13474) EMAX*****74
11 th CHAW**********e EMAX/EK70812) EMAX*****12
12 th VIS**********e EMAX/EK91004) EMAX*****04
13 th CARE*********e EMAX/EK41670) EMAX*****70
14 th *****
15 th EXCE********e EMAX/EK34087) EMAX*****87
16 th E-Ma********de EMAX/EK1244) EMAX*****4
17 th R.T.**************e EMAX/EK35070) EMAX*****70
18 th GLOB***********P EMAX/EK13540) EMAX*****40
19 th X-PE***********e EMAX/EK70875) EMAX*****75
20 th EXCE*********e EMAX/EK70860) EMAX*****60
Last 5 months Top 20
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Center Name
Branch Code
1 st MDCI*********, EMAX/EK19018) EMAX*****18
2 nd TECH*******e EMAX/EK43873) EMAX*****73
3 rd INST**********am EMAX/EK1289) EMAX*****9
4 th MAHI************e EMAX/EK70916) EMAX*****16
5 th DISH*********e EMAX/EK17027) EMAX*****27
6 th E-M********ch Code EK0736) EK07*****
7 th NOBL**********e EMAX/EK80348) EMAX*****48
8 th SAI *************e EMAX/EK71112) EMAX*****12
9 th ANMO*******de EMAX/EK1277) EMAX*****7
10 th AGGR*********e EMAX/EK39417) EMAX*****17
11 th R A ********e EMAX/EK80509) EMAX*****09
12 th BRIG***********e EMAX/EK56129) EMAX*****29
13 th E-MA**********EMAX/EK17001)  EMAX*****01
14 th NATI***********e EMAX/EK71085) EMAX*****85
15 th SHRI**************e EMAX/EK14657) EMAX*****57
16 th MIMT************e EMAX/EK19065) EMAX*****65
17 th CARE*********e EMAX/EK41670) EMAX*****70
18 th Shiv***********e EMAX/EK14686) EMAX*****86
19 th E-MA************e EMAX/EK60576) EMAX*****76
20 th MALI*********e EMAX/EK80300) EMAX*****00