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Center Name
Branch Code
1 st LIFE*********WARE EMA******448
2 nd NOBLE Co*****************nstitute EMA******348
3 rd ANMOL *************ATION EMA*****277
4 th SWAMI VI***************STITUTE EMA******410
5 th AGGRWAL************UCATION EMA******417
6 th ADVANCE C*****************INSTITUTE EMA******284
7 th JMS NTT************HIRAUTA EMA******485
8 th COMPUT************CENTER EMA******887
9 th SHRI DURGA SANKIRTA**************************************OF COMPUTER SCIENCE EMA******657
10 th JI EDU*************(JIEA) EMA******944
11 th MDCIT***********ENTER EMA******018
12 th RANJAN CO*****************ER CENTRE EMA******986
13 th GANGA RAMJ********************* INSTITUTE EMA******409
14 th Addvic T****************Pvt Ltd. EMA******964
15 th SMO COM************** CENTRE EMA******139
16 th GD MISS***************STITUTE EMA******268
17 th ANURAG*************TITUTE EMA******064
18 th ZEB CO**********TITUTE EMA******998
19 th B.P.S. ************TITUTE EMA******003
20 th INDIAN C**************** ACADEMY EMA******028
Last 5 years Top 20
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Center Name
Branch Code
1 st SHRI DURGA SANKIRTA**************************************OF COMPUTER SCIENCE EMA******657
2 nd MDCIT***********ENTER EMA******018
3 rd EMA******474
4 th
5 th ANMOL *************ATION EMA*****277
6 th KALAM INSTITUTE OF COM*********************************************anch Code EMAX/EK0992) EMA*****992
7 th MAREM***********ENTRE EMA******000
8 th R.T.I COMPUTER & TECH****************************************yarthi Seva Sansthan EMA******070
9 th
10 th ATC Tech************** Center EK**93
11 th TECH*******IVIL EMA******873
12 th INSTITUTE OF COMPU***********************************, Tinsukia, Assam) EMA*****289
13 th E-Max E**************h Nalvi EK**36
14 th INFOTECH COMPUTER I*************************************Code: EMAX/EK13126) EMA******126
15 th GLOBAL INSTITUTE ********************************** ( Bah, Agra, UP EMA******540
16 th E-MAX COMP********************* CHARAIDEO EMA******061
17 th EXCE*********SIGN EMA******087
18 th VIDYA ***********ADEMY EMA******160
19 th NISARGA COM********************NING CENTRE EMA******062
20 th E-MAX *************ATION EMA******167